What I bought from my ebay wardrobe clear out:
(4) Emma Go Slither Ankle Boots (via Anthropologie)

Isn't a clear out a great thing? Selling clothes that are not longer me or giving negative vibes (read more about it here) and buying some real beauties instead that resamble me and my personality best?

Finally, I managed to order that fab Diane from Furstenberg dress I showed you some weeks ago. I love it! It's simple, but with a hat and these amazing uber cool Emma Go Ankle boots, it's modern Boho perfection.

The two pairs of Dune ankle boots from last winter are allready worn out allthough I only wore them one season. So glad I got a bid of money for them, too. But usually, I use to wear my shoes for many years. Let's hope these boots from Anthro will stay many seasons within my collection!

Another thing is the Biker jacket from All Saints. If you read my blog, you might say "OMG, another grey biker jacket within a few weeks only?" - No, no, no, I'm not that kind of girl. The wonderful leather biker jacket from Whistels I ordered only some weeks ago already shows heavy signs of wear - after I only wore it a couple of times and in a gentle, careful way. I sent it back an got the money back for it, luckily! 
The jacket from All Saints is much better quality and has a more rockin' look. So, it's perfect for both looks, the rocker and a softer look with pastels as shown here.


Sharon S said...

Hi there! Great pieces, I adore the colour of the DVF dress and just love those boots too, so chic! xxx

Kacie Cone said...

Oh my god that DVF dress is amazing!! You better post you in it when it comes because I so want to see it!

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Wonderful outfits once again - this time of year is a great time to re-think our wardrobes. x