Really love that jumper from Line I recently came across on The Outnet. Saw a pic of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a pink sweater with grey skinnies and a fedora - and totally loved it. I would layer it with one of my pink or blush blouses.

Recently have a sale on ebay, selling many of my grungy clothes. I love grunge, but when I wear too much dark colours or too bulky pieces, it constantly effects my mood and I don't feel good and I don't feel very 'me'. Also, I'm still searching for a perfect bag to replace my black one from All Saints. So let's hope my sales are successful - this one is on my whishlist!

They really match with this amazing pink and blue skies I photographed this morning:


Sharon S said...

Hi there! Good luck with the ebay selling, the new pastel colour sweater looks gorgeous! xxx

Vix said...

That's one beautiful skyline! Good luck with your sales. x

Sofies closet said...

Oh, it's so beautiful!! :D