From time to time, I do have a massive wardrobe clear out. Not because I'm a fashion whore who rides on every trend wave, but because I love to have a good overview about what I have and what I wear. I can't imagine something worser than owning a bursting wardrobe and not knowing what to wear.

Last year, I really bought a lot of clothes. I had a bid of a identity crisis and I had to figure out who I really am. There were times in my life I really wasn't sure about that. And I tried to look cool by wearing dark colours. The result you can find in the pics below. 

I used to be a sad faced, insecure woman after dealing with a bad issue within my family:

The clothes shown above really have negative vibes for me. I bought them when I was sad. The 4rd outfit is a good example for a kind of a fake look of mine: I bought some business clothes in colours that don't suit me and I really used to think I'm not good enough the way I am. That I have to look that  serious to 'make it'. But is it really a success to pretend being someone you are not?

I really had a difficult relationship with my parents. My mother raised me always telling me I'm not good enough the way I am, that I'm too lively, too happy, too friendly. What she was not, she chose not to be happy by marrying someone she didn't love and to have a child she didn't want at all. And she tried all my life make me believe that the world is a cruel wicked place where you have to be cool and over-ambitious to be somebody. And always told me I will never be able to be happy.

But there was a time when I decided not to be 'somebody' - I just want to be me. And that's who I am today. The clothes shown below really resamble who I am. I don't have to be a 'Mary Marvel' to be a worthy person, I don't have to be cool and I don't have to hide who I am: A happy, lovely, friendly and lifely person who isn't afraid anymore. Not longer afraid to be herself.

I sold all these clothes that aren't me - and I will replace them with other things I really love!

Here I am in my 'me-outfits' I truely love ;)


Sharon S said...

Hi my dear-you are very much a lovely kind and thoughtful young lady and deserve to be happy by being just you. I love your clothes in the 2nd set of pictures, they seem to represent the real you and you must continue to live life and enjoy it and always remember how truly special you are, take care xxx

Victoria Leeds said...

Such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing a bit about you! I agree 100% with what you you just said. The most important thing is to be yourself and to be happy. The best item that you can wear is smile :)

Emalina said...

Well done you for finding your way out of your sadness and celebrating the loveliness of yourself, just as you are. What a touching post, with those beautiful colourful outfits as evidence of how far you've come. You deserve to be very happy!

Kacie Cone said...

Its amazing how in the outfits that are you, you can just tell how much happier you are in them. So glad you found your way out of the dark!

Kelly Jackson said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. Our clothing expresses so much of our inner states and how we feel about ourselves. You look so much happier in the shots and outfits below - congrats on finding your way out of unhappiness.

I'm in the process of getting rid of clothing that no longer suits my life. It challenging but also exciting to be reinventing myself. Xo

Meghan Kraft said...

Aw, those outfits are so pretty. The You look gorgeous in both sets, but the second one? How perfect that they just feel like, 'you.' :)

sabine said...

Liebe Romy,
ich freue mich, dass Du diese negativen Gedanken hinter dir lassen konntest und Dich nun so zeigst, wie Du wirklich bist. Eine bildschöne, fröhliche, selbstbewußte Frau.
Man denkt, die Familie kennt einen durch und durch und macht sich die Kritik, die dort ausgesprochen wird zu eigen. Dabei machen sie sich nur ein Bild von Dir, das der Wirklichkeit in keiner Weise entspricht. Gute Freunde sind bessere Berater.
Lieben Gruß von Sabine

Vix said...

So very true! I do think that colour makes people much more approachable and look a lot happier. xxx

Amie Kewley said...

I think you look beautiful, in the second set of photos you look so much more comfortable and confident. It's easy to hide behind clothes that you think will make you look more trendy, but I think you look stunning in the ones that you love the best. xxxx

ytoc said...

Im so happy you've gotten rid of the dark clothes and revealed your true self! I also have dealt with emotional/strong family issues...and have found myself in similar shoes of wanting to cover up and reveal my feelings through clothes.
thanks for posting this, I'm in the middle of a closet clear out too, I will definitely let go of the things that weigh me down!

Emmett Katherine said...

I am sorry you had such a tough time with your family, you are great just the way you are:) I think you look so much more confident and happy and comfortable in the second set of photos.

when I graduated school and got my first 'real' job I had a boss who was a jerk about many things. I started wearing very serious clothes to work (which i hated and have since donated to charity)but felt uncomfortable and not myself. I left that job and found a new one where I realized i can still have some personal style in my work wardrobe.

I am happy to hear you are happy & happy with your style!


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