New in ///
Vintage Indian cotton tunic
All Saints Riviera dress
Topshop Folk duffle bag
all three via ebay

The best motivation to part with things is the chance to raise your funds for new items ;) For me, it really worked. I listed three bags on ebay, so this small duffle bag from Topshop moved in. It was really a bargain and too tempting not to buy it. Love the colors and the tassels!

The Indian cotton tunic is something I bought last month. I absolutely adore it and as it will be hard to wear my gauze dresses in winter, this was a must have. Unfortunately, the Indian tunic I ordered with my feather print pants was sold out, so I'm double glad I found this pink beauty!

The dark charcoal dress from all saints is a wonderful piece too - I got it for a quarter of the RRP and it is currently available for the full price on their website!

This set shows what I really love about fashion recently: Simple modern pieces combined with vintage finds and ethnic looking bags! I guess even if you own your style, there are always slight changes and that's a good thing. If we would stick to a particular look for our whole life how boring would that be?!



In case of not knowing what to do ask your fashion crazy blogging buddies, haha ;)

"For me I know when to get rid of something when I feel like I have to force myself to wear it so I can get my moneys worth. You should never have to force yourself to wear something!" - Kacie Cone, Shy Girl Loud Voice

After reading that comment, I knew what to do and went on listing some of my clothes on ebay. Actually, I forced myself to keep some items I don't feel comfortable (or better to say: fabulous) in. Live goes on and new things will come and I don't think we can stop this - and that's a good thing!

As Curtise said in one of her last posts, blogging is a good way to find out whether an item is a keeper or not. I do own this jumpsuit for two years now but I don't feel comfy at all in it. So it has to go. Same goes for this Furstenberg dress. I don't know, I guess it's something about the color and the cut, but it doesn't feel me. The three leather bags I mentioned in the last post will have to go too. I know I won't use them in the future as my style changed to uber-boho-bags with fringes and pom poms!

Although I will act more budget wise in the next month as the fab US trip is on the agenda, I can't force myself keeping something I don't like enough anymore. The sales will raise my funds, anyway!

First pics shows my I-feel-fab-looks that contain both, newly purchased and older pieces, while the pics below show some of the pieces that have to go. And I can tell you: A crochet bikini looks fab in a lookbook - but not when it's wet and starts to follow the laws of gravity ;))) - And we don't need to talk about that palm print shirt bra, don't we?!



Wearing ///
All Saints rituals top (2012)
L.A. bag from Barcelona (2011)
Vintage feather print pants
All Saints jumper (2012)
Jeffrey Campbell Mila sandals (2012)
Bailey of Hollywood fedora

When I read Vix's fab post about owning your own style, it made me think a lot about my wardrobe. Here, I'm wearing a lot of high street pieces from the higher price range and some nice vintage finds. Actually, I never ever could skip buying modern pieces. I love modern styles as much as I love old finds from the 60s and 70s (or, as the pants I wear here, from the 80s) - but they have to match with my style and my taste. Everything I own does have a boho vibe and even my undies match with that philosophy. 

Recently, I got through my things and than Vix's quote came to my mind: 

"Regularly cull your wardrobe and give away/donate/sell anything that doesn't make you feel fabulous. If you have to ask others whether something suits you then it needs to go."

I do believe she is absolutely right with that but actually I found myself having big troubles with the question if I should sell some of my clothes or not. In the last years, I had hard times and during that process I was dumb enough to sell most of my boho clothes to fit in the serious-dressing-sheme or how you like to call it (adult and age appropriate dressing are good terms too). Well, it was hard and it took me a lot of time to build up a new collection of fab "me"-clothes. 

Today and during 2014, I do have serious issues to say good bye to something as I regretted so many of my sales. Welllll, does that mean... that I own my style now for sure and certain!?! ;)))

I culled my wardrobe and my bag collection and seriously thought about selling three black, red and mustard colored leather bags because I didn't use it for one or two years. WTF?! Why?! - you might ask. Well, well, well, there is a so called style rule in magazines and featured at some blogs that sais: 

"If you didn't wear something during the last half year it is time to let it go". 

Actually, I think that style rule is completely nonsense. 

The shirt I wear is a good example. I didn't wear it during 2013 but I never could sell it as I love it! I, for myself, decided not to sell as much clothes anymore as I did in the last years. Buying good stuff and owning it for a long time is a great advice I love - but I would only follow it as long as the piece feels me and makes me feel fabulous.

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*** Edit: Some stuff had to go, as I forced myself to wear it. Read more about it in the upcoming post (here) and thank you all for your amazing advice! ***



A part of my bag collection ///
L.A. bag, photographed while actually driving to L.A. (but bought 2011 in Barcelona)
Kelim backpack (bought 2011 in Barca)
Tan Three Arrows Leather Bandelier leather bag (handmade in New Mexico)
Pink Antik Batik bag (via Vestiaire Collective)
Hippie bag from Porto (via Vanessa's store)

Oh gosh, how I love handbags! ;)
They give an outfit a whole different look and add an extra of style.

Actually, I prefer leather handbags. Our climate here in Germany tends to be chilly, rainy an cold for many days of the year, so I always need something that is water proof. Leather bags are so charming and I love if they do have a lived in look and a bid of patina.

When I used to be a student, I mainly bought vintage bags via ebay. The reason is quite simple: They are as cheap as these ugly plastic vegan leather bags from H&M but they are made to last forever! A fab example is this charming tooled vintage bag with the L.A. initials yelled "mummy, please take me with you" at me while popping into a vintage store in Barcelona ;) It was so amazing to take this beauty with me while actually traveling to L.A. a year later!

The most amazing bag I own might be the one from Three Arrows Leather. Love the softness of the leather and the hand made details, the arrow details and the braided strap are incredible! Same goes for this pink Antik Batik beauty. The Kelim bag pack from a Moroccan store in Barca and the incredible pompom bag from Porto are my fave bags for summer.

I really can recommend investing in good quality leather or in vintage handbags. They will last forever and they get more beautiful with any year to come!



Wearing ///
Isabel Marant Etoile Bloom woven cotton blend dress (also shown here)
Mink Pink Love Aesthetics sunnies
Acne Alma boots
Madewell denim shirt (2012)
Bag from Porto
Bailey of Hollywood fedora

So amazing to be able to wear an outfit in September I almost lived in during spring and summer! I nearly wore it in the same combo as shown in the pic below (read full post here), but paired it with my beloved hippie bag and a denim shirt from Madewell for a more layered look. I also rolled up the sleeves of the dress to add a bid of a laid back attitude.

We took the pics on our way to the supermarket. This sprayed on building actually used to be a supermarket too and I always wanted to use the bold graffiti as a background for an outfit post! We took the pics with our point and shoot camera and left the DSLR at home. I think the pic quality is quite good! 

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