Hope you enjoy your Easter weekend! We do have some relaxed days, cooking fresh food, doing long walks, enjoying the sunshine and doing some DIY projects! ;)))
These colourful easter eggs are a DIY project, inspired by Free People. They are coloured with natural dye, made from onions, beetroot and reg cabbage. Hendrix enjoys them, too ;)

Whishing you a great time!



{Pics via Free People}

{Something blue and something new: Garter by RomancingJuliet and the most amazing headband in the world by EricaElizabethDesign}

{Something old: Zara crochet dress from 2012, worn during our California Trip, here in San Francisco's Hard Rock Cafe}

... we will do it again in Las Vegas! ;)))

Well, some might say that life is what is happening while making plans and my life is the proof for that. We made plans for a road trip in Portugal in September; we both developed the desire to travel back to the US very soon. So, this year will be without any vacation at all and we will be flying to the States in May 2015, but it's definitely worth the wait. Our road trip will lead us to Los Angeles again, then we will be going on discovering Palm Springs with its amazing Mid Century architecture, the deserts White Sands and Sonora, as well as the Navajo Reservation and the Arches and Canyonlands Parks.

As you can guess from the pics shown above, we will do something crazy while heading Las Vegas: A Renewal of our vows in the Little White Chapel's Tunnel of Love! - Wooohoooo! :))) Slash got married here, too!!
To be honest, our first wedding was a disaster. We didn't do what we would have been loved to do on that day: Heading the registrar's office and flying away to have a lovely honeymoon. Well, we didn't have a honeymoon at all, or a nice wedding dress, or nice photographs. Hubby and I were young when we decided to do that big step and unfortunately, our wedding ceremony pleased only our families and not us as a couple. That's really a big regret that needs a proper replacement.

As I know I'm not the traditional bride kind of girl (actually, I hate these monstrous dresses, I don't like veils and all the princess-like stuff), I decided to be me on that day. I will be wearing my 80 bugs crochet dress from Zara - the perfect dress for a down-to-earth-bohemian-wedding in LV ;) 

The only new thing will be this fab wedding crown I found on Etsy. A nice piece that will always remember us on that fab day we're planning right now. The Blue thing will be this fab  silk garter I found on Etsy, too. The borrowed thing will be the rental car we spent our days in for the road trip ;) 

Jupp, it will be a classy, conservative drive thru wedding ;)



Butter soft, amazing tassels - that jacket is really a killer and definitely a keeper. Spell Designs really makes amazing products. After buying the Sugar Fox Tassel kimono, this jacket had to be mine. Unfortunately I missed the turquoise version of this fab leather jacket, but the taupe colour is amazing, too! Really makes me wanna escape to the west.



Adini Vintage Indian cotton dress from CultOfAphrodite (via Etsy, shown also here)
Vintage tooled Mexican leather jacket from L.A. (2012, also shown here and here)
Sam Edelman Pretty Suede boots (2013, shown here)
Wildfox Winona Sunnies (shown also here)

Isn't Hendrix a lovely little cat boy? Really love this little fur ball like a mad ;) Every time I make shots for the blog, he runs straight before the lens. Maybe he is just a photogenic kind of pet!

This Outfit nearly is vintage from head to toe. Love the Adini dress and my Mexican leather jacket. Today is just an ordinary day with working at home and cuddling Hendrix and cocking something for my hubby in the evening, but I really don't see a reason why not to dress up. Every day is a celebration of life and another chance for the pursuit of happiness. I guess we are all on the road, that's what makes life so loveable: To be on an exciting journey where happiness is always available and always has the chance to leave us again. 

If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about just get yourself a copy of "Why be happy if you could be normal" by Janette Winterson, one of the best books I have ever read about seeking for happiness and don't give a f**k about what other people call "normal". Even if a life is pretty ordinary, there is so much happiness in every moment waiting for us. I guess we all do have to make our own fortune, keep being optimistic and don't misuse imagination for worrying too much.



Elizabeth and James Hoyt Sunglasses
The 2 Bandids Sunshine Daydream Open Cuff and Spur Cuff
By Malene Birger tunic (2013, shown here)
Acne Alma boots in pink (shown here and here)
Mother The Lamp in the Desert crop skinny jeans (also shown here)
Vintage tooled Mexican leather jacket from L.A. (2012, also shown here)

Wonderful weather today here in Germany, so it was time for a walk and the first time sitting outside and having a cup of coffee! Love my Mother jeans combined with that Birger tunic and the boots. I think I'm totally a hippy chick with a bid of a cowgirlish attitude.

I always asked myself why I do love America so much. I guess it's that freedom stereotype that attracts me so much - and the hippy culture that was born there in the late 60s. Movies like Easy Rider and the music of bands like Guns N'Roses, Aerosmith and other bands from the states really touches me deeply. In the last months, I grabbed everything I could that represents that attitude: Clothes, concert tickets (Aerosmith, The Stones and Robert Plant!) and... 

... well, me and hubby currently debate whether we should skip our Portugal trip this September and save our bugs for another trip to the US in April 2015. We always wanted to do travel the Canyonlands, Palm Springs, L.A. for a second time and Las Vegas for a wedding renewal (actually on our 6th wedding annual :) ). Let's see how this plan turns out, but I'm very excited. Coachella would be on my to-do-list, too. Ahhh, that plan makes me freaking out.