Wearing ///
Spell Designs Turquoise Skull Tribe romper (shop it here)
Lovely Bird San Miguel Fedora
Three Arrows Leather Bandelier bag
Sam Edelman Pretty booties
Vintage coat from London (2008)
Vintage Ray Ban Aviators (2007)
Handmade belt from L.A.

I bid rock star look for you, my dear readers ;)))
While this happens, winter can wait. Really love how my handmade belt form L.A. matches with my new Spell Designs romper! 

While we are in the middle of planning our US trip for May next year, none of us is in the winter and christmas mood. Maybe, this will change when we start decorating the house!

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New in ///
Vintage Mexican tunic with angel sleeves (via Ebay)
Winter Kate Lila silk shorts (also Ebay)

Buying winter clothing in winter?! Ridiculous! ;)))
Found these beauties on Ebay, thought a while about then and couldn't resist. Both items are fab for our US road trip as well as for popping to the supermarket when temperatures are going to rise next year.

My Winter Kate collection is growing! I guess I only do own more items by All Saints, but my Winter Kate collection is massive. Will prepare a separate post about it soon! The clothes are well made, nicely designed and high quality. Bought second hand or in the sale, they are quite affordable.



Wearing ///
Mexican embroidered dress (via Etsy)
All Saints Allegro coat (2012)
Sam Edelman Pretty booties (2013)
Anthropologie tights (2012)
Vintage tooled L.A. bag (2011)
Elizabeth & James Hoyt sunnies

Picture taking in my bedroom is fun ;)
This is what I'm wearing today while popping to the super marking and taking a walk with my beloved guy. Love how the dress matches with the coat, just as I imagined here in this post. We do have amazing weather over here, quite to warm for November what I kinda like.

So, I'm able to wear my beloved dresses before winter rushes in.



New in ///
Spell Designs Turquoise Skull Tribe romper (shop it here)

When I fest saw this cute romper I knew I had to have it. Love turquoise and the feather print is amazing. I like rompers by Spell and don't own one yet, but this one is my fave so far. I'm happy that I waited for the perfect one for me that matches with my style!

The blue one in the last pic is also a nice one, but I dislike some details of the print. I love the aspect that the one from the current collection is more plain and the color is wayyyy nicer.

Really looking forward for strolling around Venice Beach, L.A.. with it. Or wearing it in Santa Fe. Or wearing it in Palm Springs. Or in Tucson ;))) Pure travel excitement!!! (read about our upcoming trip here).



Los Angeles Dreaming ///

We are in the middle of planning our amazing US road trip and it is really very exciting for us! We have already been to California and took a little Roadtrip on highway no.1, but a four week road trip including five states is really new to us.

For L.A., it really was hard to find a stay that is in a nice hood, not too posh, not to messy, affordable and typical for the city. I love Venice Beach, but we actually only made it to visit the canals during our last stay. Actually we wanted to stay again in Santa Monica, but the nice hotel we have been to actually is closed now so we had to search for something else.

We found a charming B&B in Venice, nearby the canals and the beach, so this is a true winner! I guess the blue Spell Designs romper now is definitely on my shopping list as I really can see myself strolling trough this charming and laid-back hood wearing my hippie clothing and loads of turquoise jewelry.