A part of my bag collection ///
L.A. bag, photographed while actually driving to L.A. (but bought 2011 in Barcelona)
Kelim backpack (bought 2011 in Barca)
Tan Three Arrows Leather Bandelier leather bag (handmade in New Mexico)
Pink Antik Batik bag (via Vestiaire Collective)
Hippie bag from Porto (via Vanessa's store)

Oh gosh, how I love handbags! ;)
They give an outfit a whole different look and add an extra of style.

Actually, I prefer leather handbags. Our climate here in Germany tends to be chilly, rainy an cold for many days of the year, so I always need something that is water proof. Leather bags are so charming and I love if they do have a lived in look and a bid of patina.

When I used to be a student, I mainly bought vintage bags via ebay. The reason is quite simple: They are as cheap as these ugly plastic vegan leather bags from H&M but they are made to last forever! A fab example is this charming tooled vintage bag with the L.A. initials yelled "mummy, please take me with you" at me while popping into a vintage store in Barcelona ;) It was so amazing to take this beauty with me while actually traveling to L.A. a year later!

The most amazing bag I own might be the one from Three Arrows Leather. Love the softness of the leather and the hand made details, the arrow details and the braided strap are incredible! Same goes for this pink Antik Batik beauty. The Kelim bag pack from a Moroccan store in Barca and the incredible pompom bag from Porto are my fave bags for summer.

I really can recommend investing in good quality leather or in vintage handbags. They will last forever and they get more beautiful with any year to come!



Wearing ///
Isabel Marant Etoile Bloom woven cotton blend dress (also shown here)
Mink Pink Love Aesthetics sunnies
Acne Alma boots
Madewell denim shirt (2012)
Bag from Porto
Bailey of Hollywood fedora

So amazing to be able to wear an outfit in September I almost lived in during spring and summer! I nearly wore it in the same combo as shown in the pic below (read full post here), but paired it with my beloved hippie bag and a denim shirt from Madewell for a more layered look. I also rolled up the sleeves of the dress to add a bid of a laid back attitude.

We took the pics on our way to the supermarket. This sprayed on building actually used to be a supermarket too and I always wanted to use the bold graffiti as a background for an outfit post! We took the pics with our point and shoot camera and left the DSLR at home. I think the pic quality is quite good! 

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Isn't it amazing how personal style works? 
I guess my blogging buddies and me do have totally different styles in some way but there are always pieces, looks and attitudes that could actually be lent from the other one.

Lace dresses are very popular and pairing them with tan sandals is quite tempting so no wonder Katie  and I look a bid like twins. But playing around with accessories makes both looks totally different to me. Same goes with the kimono that Emmett and I do own. Both kimonos are from Spell Designs and only the print differs. We both wear round sunnies and a fringed purse but the look is different in some way. Maybe it's Em's Native American inspired look and my style spoil of the early 90s that makes it different.

Same goes for the hippie bag I actually bought from Vanessa. We both wear a white top and a pair of denim pants in the pic, but her style here is much more Woodstock inspired while mine is totally cowgirlish. While my outfit is quite minimal and worn with a Kelim backpack, Kacie's look is totally bold and hippie-tastic. But we do have a similar attitude in the pics so that I just had to pair these two shoots. Although I wear mainly modern stuff and rarely do maxi dresses, Vix and I do have something in common, too that goes beyond the blue wall ;)

I guess that's what I actually love about blogging: It helps you to create your own style and stay true to yourself but on the other hand you do get so much inspiration from amazing buddies! I also love the fact to write for a small audience while building up strong relationships with my regular readers that I know for years now.



Blogger spotlight ///
Katie from Alaskan Weredork

Katie's blog is one I love so much! Her style is very bohemian and her pics always show a glimpse of the spectacular nature of Alaska. She always grabs the most amazing things in thrift stores and has a crush on Free People and American Eagle Outfitters clothes. I really admire her photographing skills too!

Check out here fab blog!



One new piece equals a completely new look ///
1. Topshop pink feather hat (already sold out, shown here)
2. Elizabeth&James Olyvia dress (shown here)
3. New in: Acne Lia Twist knit sweater via The Outnet)
4. Sam Edelman Pretty suede boots in black (2013)
5. Bag from Porto (here)

This boxy sweater is a wonderful basic that is so well made. Actually, Scandinavian labels do have a clean, minimal look, but I love creations like these anyway although my look is anything but subtle!

Love to pair it with that dress and boho it up with that fancy bag I bought from the lovely Vanessa (check out here blog!) and my Topshop feather hat. It's nice playing around with different styles. I love the 60s vibe a lot and I guess even my nightwear does have a 60s vibe, haha. But I also love to look some kind of modern, so this combination nails it I guess.